Spring 2012 Update

First thing for this update is…. Brighter Kensington and Chelsea!!!!


Yes that’s right the brighter Kensington and Chelsea plot competition is nearly here and we’re thrilled with how many of you have entered so far and we wish you the best of luck!

For those of you that haven’t entered yet the deadline for entries is next

Friday the 6th of July. The BKCS plot competition first round of judging will be taking place shortly after that, so if you want to enter your plot please fill in the attached entry form and send it back to us as fast as you can.


Secondly is our newsletter that used to come out every 2nd month is now going to be released quarterly instead.


It came to our attention that we were sending a lot of big emails out and we thought that

thenewsletter should be reduced a little, so from now on the newsletter will come out 4 times a year one for each season.


Lastly a lot of people have been having trouble getting in contact with us so here are our contact details.

Remember that Will and Lisa the community gardeners only work part time so if you can’t get hold of them just leave a message and they will get back to you as soon as they can.


BUT remember to leave your details too! Name, plot number, and the garden you have your plot at.


Terry Oliver on 0207 341 5684 or e-mail terry.oliver@rbkc.gov.uk

Lisa Wilkinson on 0754 2718 133 or e-mail lisa.communitygardener@gmail.com

Will Gould on 074 3203 0067 or e-mail will.communitygardener@gmail.com

Chris North on 0790 6520 506 or e-mail chris.north@rbkc.gov.uk

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