Colville Community Forum

The Colville Community Forum (CCF) is an independent community group acting as a ward level association for RBKC Colville Ward residents and formed in March 2011 with the aim of improving the quality of life for local people in the Colville Ward.

Following three successful years of a Councillor led Forum and when Council funding stopped, local residents representatives agreed that a Forum should continue to exist in order to:

  • Provide a voice for the local community
  • Influence and improve local services
  • Identify opportunities to tackle the unmet needs of local residents.  
  • Strengthen partnerships between the local community and service providers (i.e. the Council, Housing Associations etc)

The Forum is a membership group open to residents of Colville who are either elected representatives of local resident associations or want to work with other residents to improve the ward, their neighbourhood and street not just their own home or estate.

The Forum is run by a small management team of members working on a voluntary basis but formally constituted as a local community group and governed by a Board of Trustees which oversee and guide the work of the team and Forum and includes the three current Councillors representing Colville.

What does it do for Colville? How does it try to make a difference?

The Forum is independent and resident-led; projects and campaigns are decided on and agreed by members at the Forum meetings.

As an independent community group the Forum we can apply for and receive funding for specific projects or activities from various national and London-based funders and respond to and support resident–led ideas and projects which have the support of the majority of Forum members.

And we continue to:

  • Bring in small funding for resident-led projects
  • Campaign on local issues if required (e.g. sorting office, waste management etc) if members want to
  • Have a recognised and valued voice on local issues when required (e.g. local services, planning, the market etc).
  • Meet and inform local Councillors and Council Officers on a regular basis to influence their decisions.

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