Here are two recent pictures taken of the impact of the congestion and new streetscaping at Portobello Road which narrows the road considerably.  Taken by a member a day when an ambulance couldn't get through.  


The Forum as requested sent a complaint letter to RBKC’s chief engineer in traffic and technical services and requested “a site in meeting in order that Forum members have some explanation as to the reasoning behind the current plan and pavement extension, bike racks etc before residents take further action and start a petition given the daily problems with parking and traffic flow in this area”.


The response we received was very unsatisfactory, “The findings were presented to the Market Action Group and they committed their support to the work” quoting that residents had been consulted via the Market Streets Action Group (MSAG) – which currently has only 3 resident reps, and is mainly attended by stall and shop holders and council officers/Councillors. And ending “There are no works or further plans to investigate this junction further within our existing work programmes”


We do need to discuss our response at the Forum but hope members will also use this website and the Forum section to let us all know their thoughts .  We will initiate a website based comments and petition on this issue in the Colville Forum section.


Check out the Forum section for copies of the photos and letters noted above.


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